Successful Publishing and The Importance of Appropriate Book Covers


The book industry has become one of the largest forms of entertainment and communication that are known and used today. With between 1 million and 3 million new books published each year and an annual sale percentage of 263 million book sales in America alone, it is safe to say that this industry has developed roots that reach deep into the minds and lives of society. 

New more ‘modern’ concepts have been created as well including the E-book and Kindle, but in many ways, even their convenience and speed cannot be compared to the tactile thrill one feels when looking at a glossy cover and experiencing the feel of a book in our hands. However, in such a mass industry, one could easily wonder how one book can stand out in millions of new releases. What makes a person pick up one book and not notice another? They say they don’t judge a book by its cover, yet truth be told this is exactly what we all do on a daily basis. As Scientific tests have already proven that if something is not visually appealing to a person, chances are they will not want to investigate it further. The massive impact of attractive book cover design is perfectly shown in the below image:

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Important Things to Consider When Dealing with Cover Design Ideas for Books

Like the first impression of a person’s face, an attractive book cover design can mean the difference between successful books sales and a publishing dud, and when deciding what your latest and greatest is going to look like it is important to ensure you consider each and every aspect, like checking vital signs in a newborn child.

Cover Design
  • Target Audience It is vitally important to begin by defining exactly who your book is aimed at, simply because one idea would work for some but not for others. Calculating targeted audiences, ages, and general interests into your book covers are an essential way of ensuring a successful book release.
  • Trends Trending books are always an important aspect to consider, when sticking with the times you will have a greater chance of making your book a success. This is especially important with book covers, choosing images that are in fashion and appealing could be a major selling point for your title.
  • Color ChoicesYour color choices are very important when working on creative book cover design ideas; different colors create different feels and perceptions. It’s important to choose colors that do not clash, and of course, colors should always be a background feature, not overwhelming your readers or overshadowing your title.
  • Cover Spacing When it comes to dealing with cover design ideas for books, it is important not to try and put everything into one cramped concept. Just like the way a book is written, the human eyes need spaces and gaps to rest and allow for absorption and comprehension. By trying to put everything into one image, you can easily end up with a confusing and messy book cover.
Creative Cover Design

Important Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing a Book Cover  

On a daily basis, We use book covers to determine the worth of a book, the kind of story that might be told within, and whether or not we should take it seriously and buy it. When choosing the book cover that is going to speak for you, it is important to ensure you avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes rookie writers sometimes fall into.

  • Low-Quality Printing Budget is always a major factor in book wiring and printing plans, and as much as we would like to hand out those monies and really invest in our new release, this is unfortunately not always a viable option especially for new writers that haven’t quite made a name for themselves yet. Because of this, it is common for newer writers to attempt using cheaper publishers and printing companies in an effort to lower the costs. Sadly 9 out of 10 times this will actually work against you, people can stop a cheap cover a mile away, and it does create a preconception of the quality of your book. Therefore if there is one area of publishing where a little more should be spent it’s in the printing and cover costs, it might pinch a bit more now but will definitely help you in the long run.
Low Quality Printing
  • TarCliche’ Cover Ideas It’s a fact that people don’t enjoy repetition. Been there done that is a major taboo in trending products, society and publishers are always looking for something new and different, exciting and even controversial. A great way to get that kind of attention is by choosing a book cover that makes people sit up and notice. Don’t go for old tried and tested methods with so many millions of new books being published each year you need to try everything you can to stand out.
  • Giving Too Much Info Away Cover and bio information is important especially when used as a hook, however, when you give too much info away on your book covers the air of mystery can quickly vanish, and your book will fail to entice people into reading it. This is a careful balance that is better handled by professionals. 
Book Cover design

Important Differences Between Fiction and Nonfiction Publishing 

In the book industry, genres are very important because not everyone enjoys the same kind of reading. This is especially true when it comes to fiction vs. nonfiction, in many cases, people who enjoy fiction are looking for an escape and don’t usually enjoy the realistic approach of nonfiction books and vise-versa. Because of this, it is crucial to make sure you select a book cover that suits the type of genre you are writing for:

  • TarNonfiction Needs to Be Realistic Because the very nature of nonfiction is realistic and truth based, you need to ensure your cover accurately expresses this. A good point of reference for this is a cover with a person depicted on the front, people relate to people, and it has a way of making the book feel more real.
  • Nonfiction Needs to Be Relevant The top-selling nonfiction titles are always the most relevant to the times. History might be classified as a type of nonfiction; however, people tend to care more about what is happening around them today. When choosing a cover for your nonfiction book you need to incorporate this into your design.
  • Simplicity Is Key In many cases, nonfiction titles are straightforward and uncluttered by the imaginative detail that usually comes with more creative book cover design ideas. A nonfiction title will deal with one issue or subject; be it a person or a state of affairs, and because of this, one should create a cover that details the book in the same manner. Make a point of your book apparent by using the subject as a defining point in your design. 
Simple Book cover

Great Minds’ Think Alike – Choosing the Right Partner to Assist in Doing Things Right

For many authors, writing a book is more than just a hobby or pastime – it’s a legacy that speaks for you long after you’re gone. Hours of passion and effort go into each chapter and so when the final piece is handed over to a cover designing partner one needs to know it will be handled with the same attention to detail that it was written in.

At Artwork Abode, we can understand that kind of passion and ensure to apply it to every task we handle. Our team of creative experts combines high-end technology with innovation to create outstanding designs and illustrations that can help your branding efforts make a distinct mark for your new releases. With the unmatched quality, we are your one-stop solution for all your design requirements. Services we provide include book cover design tips, book cover design principles, and marketing cover page design. 

So, should you find yourself needing that special cover to finish off a meticulously crafted concept or in need of book cover design marketing ideas, don’t hesitate to contact our team and let’s get started on your next Best Seller. Ghostwriter Deutschland helped with the data for the article.

– Artwork Abode

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