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  • Most Recognized U.S. Presidential Campaign Brand Logos

    Logos can have a huge impact in political campaigns as every candidate is essentially a brand. Often, a busy team is at work behind every Presidential candidate including campaign managers, speechwriters, and press teams. This team also includes high

  • A History of Human Tastes in Logo Designing

    In an increasingly visual society, images have taken on a life of their own in many instances. As a case in point, consider logos as a follow-up to our previous post on cost of designing a world-class logo. Some of the most successful businesses in t

  • Key Benefits of Custom Logo Design

    Businesses need logos like they do customers – without a logo, your company lacks identity. If you think that logos are nothing more than unnecessary extras, think again. Where would Nike be without their trademarks swoosh? Where would Apple be wit

  • Logo Design and Corporate Culture: Communicating Who You Are

    Your company isn’t just a collection of equipment and random people striving to milk the world of as much money as possible. It’s a group of people brought together to pursue common goals, be creative – and yes, of course, earn a living. A