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  • 5 Tips for Submitting Creative Files that Make Your Printer Happy

    When you work in the graphic design industry long enough, you know not all file types are created equal. Sometimes it comes down to an inexperienced designer working with files they’re unfamiliar with, but even experienced designers can submit subp

  • Exploring the Advantages of Desktop Publishing

    Earlier we published about the history of desktop publishing, and in this article we are exploring the advantages of DTP. In today’s competitive business world, word processing by itself is not enough — effective desktop publishing can provid

  • The Value of Desktop Publishing for Small Business Owners

    The never-ending quest for any small business owner is to offer better products and services than the competition. The reward for doing this successfully is twofold — getting new customers and keeping current clients. But how do your prospects and

  • Desktop Publishing vs. Graphic Design

    While desktop publishing and graphic design share many similarities, they are not the same. However, they do have some common capabilities and features, and that can lead to confusion for those who aren’t sure exactly what sets each apart from the