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  • The Power of Fonts in Desktop Publishing: A New Font for Dyslexics

    Desktop publishing is composed of a few basic things: Text, white space, images, and (one could argue) other graphical layout tools like lines and borders and similar elements. Everything else is just icing on the cake, really – even if computers s

  • How to Avoid Magazine Layout Mistakes

    The nice thing about graphic design and any creative job is there really are no hard and fast rules. Unlike disciplines like engineering or science, where math is king, magazine layout design is open to interpretation. While rules as we know them are

  • Some Rules Need Apply to Typesetting For Brochures

    When something is designed right, people don’t really notice the reasons why. The success of the printed product is manifested in increased consumer awareness or product sales. One tried and true method of promoting a business or product is the bro

  • Ad design shines with right typesetting selection

    Bombarded by messages, images and cries to buy one product over another, the consumer is quickly overwhelmed by information. Added to this overload, many people also check social media sites hourly and have news articles delivered to multiple email a