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  • Comparing DTP platforms: Which One is the Best?

    Choosing a software company for all your business needs is much like picking a brand of computer, a car company or appliance favorite. Many times, the chosen company is one you are already familiar. Your first car is often the same make as your paren

  • Troubleshooting Desktop Publishing Printing Issues

    Computers are wonderful, except when they don’t work. It is the same with all levels of technology. My dad used to say, “Things used to be so simple.” Those days are long gone. There are mornings when before 6 AM. I have already had a fight wit

  • Mac vs. Windows: Is One Better for Magazine Layout?

    Rivalries are a great way to boost competition. People love to root for one team over another, argue that Pepsi tastes better than Coke or one fast-food hamburger is superior to another. The computer world is not immune to “friendly competition”

  • Illustration Dos and Don’ts in Magazine Layout

    It seems every new decade brings a newer form of communication that trumps the current standard. In the 1950s televisions became affordable and more and more families purchased one. Soon, TV replaced radio as the main form of entertainment and news f