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  • 10 Illustration Hacks Followed by Professional Graphic Designers

    Illustration plays a key role in growth and development for organizations across all industries. Illustrations are all a part of visual marketing that is designed to help promote products, services, and brands. Illustrations are seen everywhere, whet

  • Successful Publishing and The Importance of Appropriate Book Covers

    The book industry has become one of the largest forms of entertainment and communication that are known and used today. With between 1 million and 3 million new books published each year and an annual sale percentage of 263 million book sales in Amer

  • Selling Better Through Book Illustrations

    Whether viewed on a shelf in a physical brick-and-mortar store or a grid on an online store, the illustrations are what make us pause and interact with a specific book. In 15-century printing, text and illustrations were carved into the same slab, al

  • The Difference Between Stock Photos and Illustrations

    Stock photos are professionally-taken photographs of commonplaces, landmarks, nature, events, or people. They can be bought on a royalty-free basis for use in various commercial design applications. These photos are owned either by the photographer o