ISO Standards

The International Organization for Standardization is a body that oversees standards for international workflow issues related to outsourcing and providing services and products to customers. The ISO quality standards set forth by the organization is a carefully designed outline of guidelines for companies to follow related to training, turnaround time, and accuracy.

Specifically, ISO quality standards as they relate to design projects include:

Artwork Abode strives to maintain these standards for all projects we undertake to maintain the highest possible level of quality for our customers. Our goal is not just to meet these standards, but to exceed them in every possible way, providing you with the kind of optimal service you expect and need to run a profitable business.

When you hire Artwork Abode, our adherence to ISO quality standards means that you can be sure you will receive the following:

When you hire Artwork Abode, you are getting a company dedicated to maintaining high levels of quality in everything it undertakes. We follow strict ISO quality standards, communicate with you constantly and strive to ensure you will receive the exact final product you need.

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  • Customer Gives the Creative Brief for the Artwork
  • The Creative Brief is followed to the Team and Artwork is Created
  • Customer Reviews the Artwork
  • Final changes are made and the file is uploaded for easy download