The Value of Desktop Publishing for Small Business Owners

The Value of Desktop Publishing for Small Business Owners


The never-ending quest for any small business owner is to offer better products and services than the competition. The reward for doing this successfully is twofold β€” getting new customers and keeping current clients. But how do your prospects and customers decide to do business with you instead of a competitor?

Business buyers usually make purchase decisions based on a series of compelling messages β€” often a combination of letters, emails, phone calls, videos, white papers, sales brochures and business proposals. Your goal should be to make a favorable impression with each piece of written or verbal communication. How can you do this? Desktop publishing (DTP) is perhaps the most cost-effective strategy for ensuring that your marketing and branding efforts are always making a favorable impression.

Why DTP?

The role of visual communication in the business world seems to increase in importance with each passing year. You will often make or lose a sale based upon the visual quality of your message β€” infographics, illustrations, or perhaps the specific font used in text descriptions, make a lasting first impression. No matter whether you want printable or digital content, desktop publishing will get your small business where you need to go.

Marketing with Desktop Publishing Experts

Creating and updating marketing materials are each essential parts of the daily routine for most small business enterprises. However, it is not unusual for business owners and managers to constantly struggle with the entire marketing process. To avoid the inevitable problems when marketing responsibilities suffer due to a lack of time and expertise, outsourcing your DTP chores to professionals such as Artwork Abode should always be considered β€” the end result is likely to be more polished and completed more quickly, all without taking valuable time out of your busy day.

How Do You Currently Prepare Professional Quotes?

A business proposal and pricing quote is usually looked at more closely by a potential buyer than any other single piece of written business communication that you will ever send to a current or future customer. What are your professional quotes currently saying about your business operations? You could easily be missing a golden sales opportunity if you are not taking advantage of desktop publishing tools to produce a winning proposal.

“You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression”

The observation shown above is often attributed to both Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Regardless of the true source, it provides invaluable wisdom that is relevant for your publications, correspondence and all other documents β€” the first impression often becomes a lasting image that reflects on your business reputation and brand. With a team of desktop publishing professionals to help you, make sure that your written business communication efforts are always distinctive, excellent and memorable.

Desktop Publishing Should Be a β€œOne-Stop” Operation

DTP represents a surprisingly versatile set of business tools for any organization. The same desktop publishing company β€” Artwork Abode β€” that produces your winning business proposals and marketing materials can also apply similar skills to many other documents that will also enhance your business brand. Regardless of how small your business is, you can produce newsletters and white papers that look and feel “professional” by any standards.

How to Put DTP to Work for Your Company Immediately

Your success as a small business owner requires you to constantly focus on the bottom line β€” increasing sales and reducing expenses. When you choose to outsource your desktop publishing services, you will discover that you can do both at the same time. You will save time and money while you also obtain professional DTP work that routinely impresses your clients β€” all without hiring any employees.

– Artwork Abode

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