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The "cover" of magazines, books, albums, videos, presentations and sales pages provides a valuable marketing opportunity — the customer's "first impression" is often based primarily on the cover design and content. Artwork Abode helps individuals and organizations get and keep a potential buyer's attention with its specialized cover design services.

Do people really judge a book by its cover? A book cover (and other covers such as for sales pages and explainer videos) can attract viewers, repel viewers or simply leave viewers with a neutral reaction. Artwork Abode creates the best marketing impact by setting the goal of effective cover art design achieve a positive attraction as the customer's initial impression of a product. AWA knows what cover designs "work" for all forms of media.

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression" (a quote often attributed to either Will Rogers or Mark Twain) represents sound advice for any cover design project. We create a positive first impression, your potential customers are more likely to take action — downloading a sample, asking for more information, sharing on social media sites or buying the product. Artwork Abode helps you "set the table" for the customer's eventual buying decision with professional cover design services that encompass color management, typography, digital marketing requirements and titles. More detailed descriptions of AWA's cover design services are shown in the next section.

Specialized Services by Creative Cover Design Company

Here are seven different ways AWA can help you achieve the best possible cover:

  • Book Cover

    AWA achieves an inviting visual presentation that will attract a reader's attention with an effective combination of imagery, thematic elements, typography, series information and the author's branding.

  • eBook Cover Design

    We understand that writing a book isn't easy and no compromising on cover design for your book. Get us onboard to design covers for your eBook and see how well your book is received online.

  • Magazine Cover: Artwork Abode provides a distinctive look for magazine covers by strategically juxtaposing cover subjects, graphics, headlines and subtext.
  • Album Cover: Artwork Abode uses typography and artwork that supports music marketing, includes key band information, incorporates imagery that complements an audio experience and communicates in terms that make the most sense for target consumers.
  • Digital Presentation: AWA optimizes cover designs for digital formats by paying attention to composition, color sampling and the requirements of raster vs vector graphics.
  • Series Integrity: Artwork Abode never loses sight of series and brand continuity elements by ensuring consistency between covers and branding considerations.
  • Typography: AWA achieves cover design success with an aesthetically pleasing presentation that is frequently influenced by the right dose of attention to typographical details such as font selection requirements needed for an elegant and contemporary appearance.
  • Color Management: Artwork Abode manages color throughout the cover design process in order to reach the full potential in your visual design by color scheming to achieve strategic aesthetic goals and color modeling that distinguishes the cover for digital or print distribution.

If you are interested in having cover work designed for any of the above or any other products, our artists and illustrators are available to discuss the project details with you.

Few Samples of Cover Design Work

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  • Graphic Design Sample
  • Graphic Design Sample
  • Graphic Design Sample
  • Graphic Design Sample
  • Graphic Design Sample

Benefits of Designing a Cover Page with Artwork Abode

When you select AWA for cover design services, here are five key benefits:

  • Artwork Abode has cover design expertise that allows you to focus on other business activities — AWA's team of design experts can focus on all aspects of cover design from start to finish while your business time is freed up to use as you see fit.
  • Streamlines cover design results with fast turnarounds — AWA offers fast results that can facilitate aggressive publication schedules to keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Ensures cover design consistency needed for branding and a series of related projects — AWA maintains a consistent identity that creates and builds a memorable visual image for series or brand recognition.
  • Provides other services in addition to cover design — AWA can help with specialized graphics services in related areas such as product label designs and package designs. This allows you to use Artwork Abode as a one-stop source for your graphics needs.
  • Artwork Abode helps your bottom line with cost-effective pricing for high-quality cover designs — By offering high-quality cover design services at cost-effective prices, AWA helps you increase sales volume with the favorable momentum of a powerful first impression that customers remember when they make a buying decision.

"You Never Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression"

This quote is a helpful reminder to ensure that all of your cover opportunities leave the best possible first impression by getting expert help and guidance from Artwork Abode.

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