Painting the Personality of the Banksy Artist - An Attempt

Painting the Personality of the Banksy Artist – An Attempt


In an era when many artists seek the public limelight, Banksy is a notable exception. Examples of his artwork have appeared on London streets for over two decades, but the guesses about a true identity continue to come forward. One of the few images of this guerrilla artist came from a 2007 camera-phone shot in East London. In this article, Artwork Abode discusses the intrigue and popularity of the Banksy Artist β€” a street artist with a worldwide reputation. What do you know about Banksy artworks?

Love for Art But No Platform?

Perhaps like many artists, Banksy was born with a love for art but lacked a suitable platform for displaying his works of art and artistic skills. His practical answer was to display Banksy art on public surfaces β€” especially self-built props and walls. Perhaps with more financial resources or wealthy supporters, he would have chosen alternative venues such as museums or art shows. Of course, this dilemma (how and where to display art) is a common one for aspiring artists everywhere. In many respects, Banksy represents and speaks for struggling artists with his unique approach to art.

A Self-Educated British Man?

Most Banksy artworks feature stencil designs with slogans β€” popular subjects include children and the elderly, soldiers, policemen, apes and rats. If there is a recurring message, it is usually one that involves anti-establishment and anti-war sentiments. His origins appear to suggest a British and self-educated background.

In a Banksy biography of this pseudonymous character, public awards are part of the surprising puzzle. For example, recognition includes Webby Person of the Year in 2014 and Time Magazine’s most influential people in 2010. His works of art have appeared throughout the world on bridges, walls and streets.

Humor in His DNA?

Banksy art often includes a fair dose of humor β€” however, satire can also offend some while it entertains others.Β  One 2004 example featured a spoof of British currency that involved substituting text that said “Banksy of England” and replacing the Queen’s image with one of Princess Diana. As with many underground artists, Banksy artworks frequently blend graffiti, dark humor and subversive epigrams.

A Skilled Organizer?

Banksy has proven to be both a skilled collaborator and organizer β€” these skills have produced extravaganzas such as the 2006 “Barely Legal” vandalized warehouse exhibition that lasted three days in Los Angeles. In this Banksy project, he focused on world poverty by including a live elephant that was painted in a floral wallpaper pattern designed to be photographed and shared on social media. According to many accounts of Banksy’s early days, his works often involved collaborative projects that included musicians and other graphic artists.

A Nocturnal?

One part of Banksy’s successful strategy for remaining anonymous has been working at night and when he will not be noticed. Banksy art traditionally appears “all of a sudden” when it is not expected. For example, a 2005 example involved placing subversive artwork in several museums β€” including the Brooklyn Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art. This is also another stellar illustration of Banksy’s organizational skills.

A Selfless Hero?

As exemplified by Banksy, high-profile art is often intentionally without fame. This, of course, also adds to the element of mystery surrounding Banksy β€” for example, is Banksy artwork really a collective effort by multiple artists? In any case, Banksy has stated that he was never seeking personal fame. At the same time, it is surprising that Banksy’s identity has eluded detection in public venues such as British and American museums.

Why has Banksy’s unique approach to communication and marketing worked so well? As wisely observed by Coco Chanel, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different” In your professional efforts to do things differently, experts such as Artwork Abode can help.

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