Three Important Traits of a Consumer-First Ad Agency


For an ad agency looking to better engage its market, adopting a consumer-first approach is essential. Today’s market has completely shifted to a consumer-driven one so an advertising firm has to emphasize this in everything they do.

Furthermore, the market in most industries is so saturated that companies need to make themselves stand out in a crowd. This can be achieved using a customer-first approach.

To do this, ad agencies must be able to put themselves into the shoes of the audience they wish to target with their ads. This includes understanding their challenges and how the product or service will address them.

Let us deep-dive into the three most important traits that a consumer-first ad agency possesses.

Three Traits of a Consumer-First Ad Agency

01: They Understand the Needs of the Target Market

Top ad agencies get to the heart of the problems being experienced by their target audience so that they can create ads focused on solving these issues. This is done through detailed insights using advanced analytics. They understand the importance of planning before diving headfirst into an ad campaign.

Needless to say, data is critical to this approach. Consumers in today’s market expect everything to be personalized, which is a large feat when you think about it. So when marketing centers on the customer experience, it creates a wonderful first impression.

A consumer-first ad agency utilizes a powerful digital marketing strategy that leverages data regarding target markets in specific industries. They can use this data to create personalized ads that speak directly to consumers. This also means paying attention to the placement, colors, graphic design, and messaging of the ad campaigns.

02: They Articulate a Clear Call-to-Action

All content must have a clear call to action that tells the audience exactly what you want them to do. A consumer-first ad agency will define the behavior that their clients need from the end consumers and then ensure that all content articulates this message.

Consumers mustn’t be left with any doubts as to the next step they should take. If you confuse them, you’ll lose them. Marketing content should build excitement. So top agencies understand how to develop powerful call-to-action statements that capitalize on that excitement.

Top ad agencies will set up a roadmap for successful marketing that identifies the desired consumer actions. They develop personas for a company’s target market and use that for all of their messaging. This becomes increasingly important anytime you want a consumer to take action.

03: They Forge an Unforgettable Customer Experience

By finding ways to provide consumers with the experience they crave, a consumer-first ad agency can monetize this audience in ways that are often overlooked by businesses. Agencies that use a customer-first approach can reach consumers at the right moment with a product or service that addresses a problem that’s on their minds at that instant.

Consumers dislike having promotions thrown at them randomly. They recognize value when the issue is at the forefront of their minds. That’s why a lot of marketing campaigns are starting to focus on getting consumer permission before displaying them. For example, Facebook shows ads based on interest and allows users to toggle them on and off.

Ad agencies are equipped with the tools to find data regarding consumers within a defined market so they can forge a customer experience focused solely on those consumers. Brand identity is defined by consumer experience which begins the moment a company first contacts them.


A consumer-first ad agency is equipped with the tools and experience to dig deep into data regarding markets from industries around the world. That allows them to create efficient ad campaigns that are customer-driven and prompt the desired action.

This beats the old approach of just throwing money at a wall and hoping some of it sticks. By giving consumers what they want with ad design, more of them will convert into buyers.

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