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10 Logo Design Tips for Brand Building


As you are aware, a logo creates a sense of brand identity and makes a company “stand out from the crowd”. That being said, a custom logo design must be simple, memorable, and unique.  When designing a corporate logo, it is also important to keep current trends, typography, and great graphic design in mind.

Tip #1: Decide on a Logo Type

As there are multiple logos available, it is important to keep your marketing messaging in mind when creating a business logo design. Some of the different logo types include: emblem, abstract, letter mark, illustrative, word-mark, 2D logo, 3D logos, and animated logos.

Another example is a logo that illustrates exactly what a company does – for example, a housecleaning company that features a mop and bucket on its logo.  Still another logo is a font-based logo – the logos of Sony and IBM clearly illustrate this type.

Logo Type

Tip #2: Keep it Simple and Memorable

A custom logo design, whether it is for a small or large business, must be simple yet unique. After all, originality is vital, and without it, both the logo and company can be easily forgotten.

Tip #3: Make the Logo 100% Unique

As mentioned, uniqueness is extremely important when it comes to designing a logo.  Thus, you must keep both your marketing objectives and your company’s public image in mind when creating a logo. From there, you should be able to develop one that is truly one of a kind.

Logo Sizing

Tip #4: Choose Appropriate Sizing

Make sure that both the graphic design and the font of your logo are appropriately sized.  After all, you may be transferring this logo onto different documents and marketing materials; thus, size is important.

Tip #5: Adaptable for Change or Revision

Remember that while you or your client may currently use a certain logo; in the future, there is a chance that revisions may be required. In addition, you should also make certain that the color can readily be transferred to a black and white version.

Tip #6: Relevancy to Business

Professional graphic designers ensure that a logo truly reflects a particular company and the message this business is trying to convey.  For example, an ice cream store may feature an ice cream treat on its logo.

Tip #7: Use Custom Typography

Use original and professional typography for a sophisticated look that will impress clients.  After all, first impressions are everything.

Logo Design Preparation

Tip #8: Relevant to Both Current Trends and the Future

Although there may be minor tweaks, usually a business wants to own a logo that will not only look good today, but also in the future. Avoid pulling in current trends that may outdate your logo five to ten years from now.

Tip #9: Design Versatility

Remember that a company logo can appear on different types of digital and paper-based media that can include advertising, signage, stationery, delivery vehicles and packaging. Keep production limitations in mind.

Logo Design

Tip #10: Consistency

Consistency refers to keeping your brand messaging and designs the same across all of your media, whether online or offline. Consumers will remember you by your logo so repetition will cause them to keep a mental note of who you are every time they see your logo.

Good luck with your designs!
– ArtworkAbode

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