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  • The Rule-of-Thirds – Effective Graphic Design Secret

    There are literally thousands of ways to approach graphic design, and each is as different as the designer applying them. However, to be most effective in design, there are still rules to consider. One of the most effective graphic design secrets is

  • Successful Rebranding Strategies with Real-life Examples

    When it comes to rebranding a business, success is crucial for the continued survival of any company. Without proper thought process, research, and execution mean that the product reaches the decline stage untimely or a negative public opinion spread

  • 2016 Events to Influence 2017 Design Trends

    It won’t be wrong to say 2016 was a year of upheaval. Like it, or love it, there’s one major event we can single out. Not only will it impact the world on a social and political level—but will filter down to every other aspect of our lives as w

  • All Graphic Designers Aren’t the Same – How to Choose the Right Designer

    For those without a design degree, it may be tempting to clump all graphic designers into the same category. After all, how different can they be, right? The answer may surprise you because you’ll find they are very different. Most designers go int