Famous Graphic Design Trends of 2014

Famous Graphic Design Trends of 2014


When it comes to graphic design, the industry is far from static. It’s dynamic, ever evolving. Whether you’re talking about website button design, photography implementation within websites, business logo design trends or something completely different, you can expect it to change quickly. What’s hot now will be yesterday’s news in a few months’ time. While some trends hang around for longer durations, rest assured that nothing is permanent.

What Influences the Changes in Graphic Design?

Graphic design is influenced by any number of different factors. New technology is often one of the major forces behind trend changes. For instance, high-speed Internet access has fostered a much more visual World Wide Web, with implications on everything from PPC ad design to website design and layout, social network design and much, much more.

Cultural phenomena are also responsible for changing trends. Graphic designers often create with an eye for pop culture (both what’s hot and what’s not hot). For instance, the rise of “K-Pop” has influenced any number of design elements, from color choices to emoticon-inspired graphics. The rising popularity of online comics has also had an impact on graphic design, and can be seen everywhere from mobile apps to social networks to printed matter.

The Top Graphic Design Awards

Graphic design award programs are designed to recognize excellence in creativity and design. However, they’re not all the same. While there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different award programs operating around the world, some stand out from the rest.

American Graphic Design Awards

The American Graphic Design Awards is sponsored by Graphic Design USA, a graphic design-centered magazine that’s been around since 1963. The awards go to design firms and professionals in a broad range of categories that changes per issue. The most recent issue highlighted packaging design, with categories in health and beauty, wine and liquor, food and beverage, babies and children, animals and pets, as well as numerous others.

Creativity International Awards

Established back in 1970, the Creativity International Awards is an independent award program dedicated toward showcasing leading design trends throughout the industry. Categories include print design, web design, annual reports, magazine photography, logo design and many others.


Another long-lived graphic design award program, D&AD has been around since 1962 and carries global recognition of excellence. However, D&AD is more than just an awards program. It is also a member community that shares inspiration and resources.

Design & Design

A relative newcomer to the industry in comparison to those mentioned previously, Design & Design was founded in 2008. To date, the award platform has become a reference tool in more than 160 different countries, and features both 2D and 3D design in a very broad range of categories.

International Design Awards (iDesign)

Created in 2007, the International Design Awards program was founded by designers for designers. Not only does the program reward outstanding design, but it is dedicated to discovering new designers of note and talent.

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