Artwork Abode Privacy Policy

Artwork Abode (“AA” hereafter) is a part of web network of Flatworld Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. (“FWS” hereafter) and is committed to the observation and protection of all visitors to this website. If you plan on visiting and using the information on this website, we highly recommend you review this privacy policy in full.

User Consent

This privacy policy is effective for all visitors to the AA website. When you visit this website, it is your full responsibility to read and review the full contents of this privacy policy and other terms and conditions of use. When you use the site, you are agreeing to read this page and any information you relinquish in the future will be subject to the details of this agreement. If you are not in agreement with any of the parts of this privacy policy, please discontinue use of the site immediately.

Passive Information

Various information may be gathered from users of this website passively including but not limited to your Internet browser, IP address, URL of any website you use before visiting AA, the operating system of your computer, your ISP and any technologies being used to view this site.

Voluntary Information

Any information you provide and that is gathered by the AA site is done so voluntarily. There are no requirements that you provide any information through contact forms, over the phone or in other formats. There are some pieces of information gathered automatically through your web browser, however, we do not use this information actively nor do we use tracking software to gather it actively. All information gathered through the AA website is designated as such before it is gathered.

Information Use and General Disclosure

The information gathered on the AA website is used for a number of purposes including subscription to newsletters, submission of contact forms and query forms filled out by users. If a customer indicates a specific interest in receiving key information, we may notify that user when information becomes available.

All information gathered is kept separate from personal identifying information that might be gathered through the website. Unless required by law, the information we gather is kept completely confidential. We only disclose data if it is made legally necessary by a court order to protect the rights of the website owner or for the safety of our users.

If personal information is gathered to be shared with third parties it will be clearly stated before submission of such information. If AA or its parent company is ever sold to a third party, we will ensure all privacy policy terms are maintained by the new owner of the company and website.

Information Security

The information gathered by AA is secured and stored by our IT staff. We protect such data against misuse or disclosure (intentional or not), loss, unauthorized use, destruction or modification in any way. We keep all such information stored in a secure location with access limited to only those with the right security credentials.

From time to time we review our security guidelines and privacy policy to ensure we are doing everything possible to protect that data. However, because Internet connections can never be considered 100% secure there is not guaranteed way to protect against errors. If a machine is connected to an external Internet source, it is impossible to guarantee against hacking or outside intervention. We hold no responsibility in such instances.

Links on AA Webpages

Any links on the AA website are to external sites that may not have the same privacy policy guidelines as AA. Those sites and the links to them are therefore not beholden to or governed by the policies or restrictions outlined on this site. To ensure your rights are protected, review the privacy policy of any site you visit before using it.

Changes to this Policy

At any time, AA reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy and any other terms and conditions on the site without further notice. If a change is made, you will find the listed changes on this page - check back periodically for updates.