Artwork Abode Helps Denmark’s Largest Hearing Aids Maker with Prepress Work of Its User Instructions

Client Profile

The client is a Danish-based manufacturer and seller of hearing aids. It ranks among top six in the world with a market share of approximately ten percent. Their products are sold in over 100 countries and have about 3800 employees globally. For about seven decades now, the company has collaborated with international audiologists and specialists to develop world leading hearing aids and is an established leader in many markets in which it sells its products.

Situation- Business Need

As its business was growing, the client overhauled its user instructions and opted to outsource the prepress. The job entailed prepressing a massive volume of user instructions — it had 13 user instruction sets in each of the 45 languages in which these were available— before getting them printed.

Because of the humongous volume of the work, the company was looking to outsource this job to a partner that was capable of delivering the work within the deadline of three months. The company’s mandate for the partner was to return 130 files—each file consisting of around 85 pages—every week.


The challenges that our team faced during the course of the project were:

  • The client used an older version of InDesign and Photoshop to design user instructions
  • All of the newly designed instructions were done and saved in servers in their country and to access them via VPN would have slowed down work, delayed delivery and reduce volumes
  • Assigning four employees to work as full-time equivalents (FTE)
  • Guaranteeing a high level of accuracy

The Artwork Abode Solution

  • Offered the client a free trial to show its capabilities and estimate the scope of work
  • Pressed four FTEs to work on client requirement
  • Used VPN to access client server located in Europe to download user instructions and work on their version of both publishing and photo software
  • Hosted a client representative at Artwork Abode’s delivery center to audit, give feedback, suggest changes and train FTEs to meet its brand guidelines
  • Worked on Saturdays too to finish the work, although Artwork Abode works only five days a week


The client was able to capitalize on the efficiency of our operations and benefited in many ways, some of the benefits were:

  • Our help induced a saving of over 90% percent
  • The project was completed within the stipulated deadline of three months
  • The client was able to capitalize on a highly competitive staff with adequate training
  • Outsourcing the project to us helped the client sell its products faster and in more countries

Note: References available on request