Medical Illustration Services

Artwork Abode’s (AWA) medical illustration service conveys medical information with accurate depictions for many different medical fields. As the medicine and science are rapidly changing, there are new discoveries all the time, and accurate medical representations produced for publications, scientific journals, textbooks, and even wall posters.

AWA apprehends the growing desire in patients who want to understand what’s happening to their bodies. Our medical illustration images can shed light on the inner workings of their lymphatic system, for example. They can define the way the skeletal system connects to their musculature system or the hidden aspects of the eye, and so much more. Medical illustration services can even help patients understand the medical options available to them.

In being able clearly to show layers, separate systems, or aspects of medicine not typically seen, medical illustrations can save lives. They give a broader picture when doctors describe issues, diseases, and their potential cures. At Artwork Abode, we know how important our illustrations can be. That's why we have years of experience producing quality medical illustrations for clients in the scientific community, medical research, universities, medical magazines, and much more.

Specialized Services by Medical Illustration Companies

Here are five unique ways AWA will provide the very best medical illustrations for the medical information you’re trying to convey:

  • Surgical Illustrations

    Advances in surgical technology happens every day. From the latest robotic surgical techniques to tried and true procedures, medical illustrations can provide the accurate images you need. At AWA, our clients have used these types of illustrations for training manuals, advertisements, and even scientific research presentations.

  • Veterinary Illustrations

    Animals need medicine, too. For some illustrators, they can be difficult to design without proper knowledge or experience. AWA has designers on board who have a special love for animals so they can accurately design their likeness for whatever veterinary medical uses you may require.

  • Anatomical Illustrations

    Displaying various aspects of the body helps patients visualize whatever ails them. Cross-sections, individual systems, smaller portions of the human body – each of these represented by our experienced team of medical illustrators.

  • Dental Illustrations

    Having a good mental picture of how your teeth impact your jaw and face can be important—especially for dental offices and oral surgeons. Our dental illustrators will help visually describe the anatomy of the face, an upcoming procedure, or the way certain dental problems can deteriorate.

  • Ophthalmology Illustrations

    Who would think there's so much to an eye? Whether you need to show a cross-section to detail the anatomy of the eye, or a particular procedure necessary, ophthalmology illustrations give you versatility. We’ll help you depict the areas of the eye you’re trying to highlight in precise detail.

Medical Illustration Portfolio

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Medical Illustration Services Benefits – Working with Artwork Abode

When you select AWA for your medical illustration services, here are four key benefits you can rely on:

  • Artwork Abode provides detailed medical depictions – Whether you need anatomical illustrations, a detailed look into the eye, or a dental procedure mapped out, AWA medical illustrators will provide the specific images you need with the accurate details you desire.
  • The animal illustration is in our wheelhouse – We know animals need medicine, too. Medical illustrations for veterinary services are completely in our scope of design. If you’re in need of veterinary illustrations, contact us today to see how our AWA illustrators can help.
  • Surgical representations you can rely on – Some illustrators may be a bit squeamish designing illustration for surgeries. Our experienced artists will provide the very best images without any worry. We know lives can be at stake and precision is key.
  • Accurate cross-sections and unique systems – Illustrations provide the opportunity to segment aspects of the human (or animal body) for ease of understanding. We can provide exceptional cross-section illustrations, or detailed images for specific body systems, such as skeletal, muscles, tendons, etc.

“Medical illustrations can even help patients understand the medical options available to them.”

This quote is a helpful reminder that Artwork Abode’s Medical Illustration Services not only help you relay the information you feel is necessary. It can also be extremely beneficial to the people who are personally impacted by medical issues. Having accurate representations that explore what they may be going through can alleviate fears, bring about understanding, and provide much-needed insight to patients and doctors alike.

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