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Artwork Abode (AWA) is among a few graphic design companies that offer the level of detail and attention to fashion art illustration. Since 2002, we've worked with many fashion design communities ranging from magazine publishers to fashion institutes, and even fashion designers themselves.

In the world of fashion, being able to portray fashion ideas accurately into a visual reality is crucial. From depicting the right coloring to describing potential fabric choices, to developing the right patterns and prints – our fashion illustration artists will provide the level of detail you need. AWA understands the uses of line and shape; color and value. All of our fashion illustration art are drawn to be proportionate, with any level of detail you require for facial features and hairstyles. We'll work with you to develop the poses you need, and map your style garments to the body. Most importantly, we'll ensure your fashion illustrations portray your unique fashion designs and styles accurately.

Best of all, our fashion design illustrations aren’t limited to any one type. With over ten years of experience in the world of fashion illustrations, our AWA illustrators and art directors are well equipped to handle whatever you need. Perhaps you need an illustration for a magazine, an educational institution, a billboard, or something completely different –we’re here to help you.

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Fashion Art Illustration Services By Fashion Illustration Designers

Here are four unique ways AWA will provide the very best art fashion illustrations to portray your unique fashion vision:

  • Fashion Figure Illustrations

    When it comes to fashion figures, our AWA illustrators understand what you need. We know how to keep everything in proportion, as well as defining your style concept. Depicting folds, and lines, rendering fabrics, and placing accessories appropriate is vital. Our team will work closely with you to create the level of detail that’s perfect for your needs.

  • Fashion Flat Illustrations

    Not all fashion illustrations require a fully rendered image. With our fashion flat illustrations, AWA will help you depict your garments as if they were laid out flat. These illustrations are created in full color, or black and white, depending on your specifications. Our illustrators will work with you to display all seams, topstitching, pockets, folds, hardware, or other details you require. These can be used as templates to build a fashion flat library, or as a reference for technical drawings.

  • Technical Flat Illustrations

    For those of you requiring a more in-depth look at flat fashion illustrations, we also offer technical flats that go above and beyond. Getting into the nitty gritty details of your illustrations such as showing variations, and up-close perspectives of sections of your garments.

  • Stitch Type Illustrations

    Our AWA illustrators have worked with many fashion industries and have a background in preparing illustrations for a manufacturer. We'll take your technical flats and develop a design to showcase your stitch types, so they're clear and easily understandable by your manufacturer.

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Benefits of Working with Fashion Design Illustration Artist

When you select AWA for your fashion illustration services, here are five key benefits you can rely on:

  • Artwork Abode’s Fashion Illustrators know proportions – Getting the right proportions can be a crucial part of fashion design. Our illustrators understand how to stylize your garments, while still keeping them in bodily proportion. When a more artistic view is required, we can also design to keep within the other balance.
  • Details that work for you – AWA understands the inner workings of the line, shape, tone, shadow, fabric, etc. Whether you need your fashion illustration to be simple, or incredibly detailed, we'll design the right illustration for you. We pay close attention to all aspects of your design to make sure all of your needs and illustrations are as accurate as possible.
  • Your unique style will shine – Every fashion designer, magazine publisher, or educational institution has their unique style and personality. At AWA, we know you want that uniqueness portrayed throughout all of your fashion illustrations. It can unify and tie together everything you do. Together, we'll develop your signature style and ensure no one else has the same look and feel.
  • Fashion designer approved – Even if you're not a fashion designer yourself, but require fashion illustrations, rest easy. We ensure each of our fashion illustrations overseen by fashion designers who know the industry. They monitor every step of the process to make sure each figure illustrated accurately and efficiently.
  • We handle all fashion illustration types – Over the years, we've managed just about every fashion illustration type. At this point, nothing could surprise us. Whatever type of fashion illustration you need, rest assured AWA is quickly prepared to handle it.

“From depicting the right coloring to portraying potential fabric choices, to developing the right patterns and prints – our fashion illustrators will provide the level of detail you need.”

This quote is a helpful reminder that Artwork Abode’s Fashion Illustration Services will design your fashion illustrations to the degree of detail you needed. We know fashion illustration like the back of our hand, and we're here to help.

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