Creative Product and Packaging Label Design Services from Artwork Abode

Product label designing involves achieving a delicate balance between communicating effectively with potential buyers and satisfying regulatory requirements imposed by product labeling laws. Artwork Abode provides a specialized collection of packaging label design and product label design services that will help make life easier for corporate executives, marketing managers, art departments and public relations teams.

Today's regulatory environment means that legal considerations occupy a prominent place when making product label design decisions. AWA works closely with your internal and external legal team when creating food and cosmetics product packaging labels to make sure your company meets or exceeds government-regulated labeling requirements.

Logos are a key element in product branding, but it is all-too-easy to lose sight of how important logos are when designing a product label. For example, label artwork can obscure a logo and reduce a hard-earned brand image. Artwork Abode has the logo design and graphics design expertise to ensure that brand and company logos occupy the most effective position on product label designs.

Printing requirements must also be anticipated during the product label design process. The AWA pre-press team will pay close attention to this aspect by taking print bleeding, ink bleeding and plate-making design issues into consideration. Please refer to the following paragraph for more detailed descriptions of how Artwork Abode can help with all aspects of creative label designs.

Artwork Abode — Our 9 Specialized Packaging Label Design Services

AWA offers nine different ways that we can help with your product label design needs:

  • Informing Potential Customers: Artwork Abode enhances consumer education opportunities by including useful information such as guidelines for safe usage and product benefits.
  • Focused Advertisement: AWA helps you take advantage of an often-overlooked advertising opportunity by using practical label designs that are coordinated with your overall marketing plan.
  • Good Presentation: Artwork Abode helps you make a good "first impression" with easy-to-read text and eye-catching colors that encourage your potential buyers to pick your product over competitors with one glance based on appealing presentation qualities.
  • Color Scheming: AWA chooses label colors that complement packaging requirements and helps you visualize how your label and product container will look together by providing a digital proof.
  • Color Modeling: Artwork Abode pays close attention to label printing requirements with a four-color process (CMYK) for printed material and options of printing Pantone spot colors as opposed to an RGB format for web and video applications.
  • Graphic Rendering: AWA incorporates a compelling and prominent logo and other graphics to draw more customer attention to your product.
  • Typefaces: Artwork Abode chooses appropriate fonts and font sizes so that consumers can read the most important information at a glance and from a reasonable distance, ideally from six feet away for brand and company info plus a few key words.
  • Consistent Themes: AWA helps customers to instantly recognize your brand by maintaining major design elements throughout the product line, even when products involve different flavors or other distinguishing characteristics.
  • Vector Imaging: Artwork Abode uses vector graphics (as opposed to raster graphics) for printing text on labels because images can be reduced or enlarged without becoming pixelated or losing image quality (as raster graphics can).

Product Label Design Benefits : Working with Artwork Abode

When adding up the benefits of choosing AWA as your outsourcing partner, here are five of the primary product label design benefits:

  • Artwork Abode has a team of product label design specialists — AWA can handle every nuance of the product label design process without the need for you to add more internal staff or assign more duties to your current staff.
  • Can meet fast turnaround requirements when designing product labels — AWA can meet aggressive timetables when you need product label design help on an overnight basis or within 12-24 hours.
  • Produces high-quality product labels at cost-effective prices — AWA offers inexpensive pricing but still produces labels that will distinguish your product from competitors.
  • Can handle high volumes of work for larger product label design projects — AWA can handle product labeling projects of all sizes and provides volume discounts for larger projects.
  • Artwork Abode is a one-stop source for product label design help and other graphics services — In addition to our specialized product label design services, AWA can provide expert help for all of your graphics needs such as cover design services.

Take Advantage of a Cost-Effective Advertising Opportunity

Product labels designed by Artwork Abode allow your company to make better use of a focused (and inexpensive) ad on all of your product labels.

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