Book Formatting Services & Booklet Layout Design by Artwork Abode

Preparing the layout for a book requires time and specialized skills. Artwork Abode helps both first-time and veteran authors with a collection of four specialized book layout services.

Improving book layouts is an effective strategy that will enhance a book's readability — attracting more readers and book retailers at the same time. AWA's book layout expertise will provide the desired impact.

While authors are rightfully concerned about keeping book layout expenses under control, Artwork Abode's cost-effective book layout services are a prudent solution that will ensure a high-quality result without stretching your budget. AWA's quick turnarounds are equally impressive — our book layout team will help you meet ambitious publishing timelines.

Artwork Abode pays attention to a lengthy list of book layout details so authors can pay attention to their primary love — writing. AWA can provide images, select typography, keep track of word-count requirements and choose the right format. For example, should you use hardback, paperback or e-book versions? Our mission is to make your book layout as effective as possible. The next section describes our book layout services in more detail.

Our Specialized Book Formatting Services

When you are evaluating book layout needs for your business, here are four ways that AWA can help you:

  • Book Cover: AWA uses the right themes, typography and imagery to invite potential readers into your book. Our team performs necessary research and then designs book covers that make the most sense for an author's brand and subject matter.
  • Publishing Services: Artwork Abode can manage the entire publishing process from start to finish. Our publication roles often include creating templates for both images and text, monitoring typographic settings and facilitating a practical work flow.
  • E-Book Conversion: AWA helps authors gain more accessibility to teachers, students and the entire e-publishing market. This increases book sales volume by making electronic distribution an option for all of your potential buyers.
  • Typography: Artwork Abode chooses the right font for your intended mode of publication. For example, digital publishing often requires sans-serif fonts rather than a more traditional serif font.

Book Layout Samples

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Book Layout Service Benefits - Working with Artwork Abode

When reviewing the benefits of selecting AWA as your outsourcing partner, here are five of the primary book layout benefits:

  • Artwork Abode allows authors to focus on their content rather than book layout details — AWA provides specialized book layout expertise that allows you to keep writing and performing other professional duties while we design the layout of your book.
  • Offers a diverse collection of graphic design services that extend beyond book layout requirements — AWA can supply whatever graphic design help you might need. You won't need to work with multiple providers. For example, we can provide photography and illustration services if needed.
  • Can meet aggressive publishing timetables when completing book layouts — AWA will help you get your book to market more quickly so you can get back to work on your next masterpiece.
  • Has cost-effective pricing for book layout services — AWA ensures that you will receive both high quality book layouts and competitive prices.
  • Artwork Abode provides the book layout expertise that ensures the highest standards — AWA honors your desire for unique content and design while paying proper attention to publishing standards and trends. Our team will also check content for structural or grammatical errors.

Saving Authors Time and Money While Improving Book Layouts

Artwork Abode will make sure you meet all industry trends and standards for your book layout — our budget-minded pricing will also help you save money while spending less time on book layout details.

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