A Graphic Design Firm in the UK Gets 50+ Graphical Illustrations Converted into Vector Images to Communicate Statistical Information Clearly

The Client: A Creative Solutions Company in London

The client is a top quality professional graphic design company based in London, England. The company produces several collaterals for business enterprises and multinational companies in print and web formats. This includes financial and corporate reports, and new launch publications.

The Need: Neat and Clean Graphs of Highest Resolution

  • The client had a little over 50 graphs including pie charts and bar charts as pixel images, which needed to be converted from JPG or TIF formats to AI or EPS formats.
  • The client insisted that the new graphs and charts in vector format must reflect their brand consistency in terms of colors, fonts, and font size for the numbers and legends.
  • The client sought the final vector files within 2 business days.

The Challenges

While vectorizing the images, we faced a few challenges:

  • The client had a very short time to finish this task due to the overall deadline they faced.
  • The time limit provided for us to redraw 50+ graphs in 48 hours was in fact short.
  • As live data was not present for any of the graphs or charts, the Artwork Abode team had to redraw completely from visuals to fit the allocated space on the client’s layout.

The Solution

Our solution comprised of the following elements:

  • Based on the sample files received from the client, 10 charts were vectorized and sent to the client initially. These were approved, and we proceeded with vectorizing the rest.
  • One dedicated graphic designer was assigned to the project, assisted by a quality analyst.
  • Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop were used to create the vector images.

The Results

  • All graphs and charts were reproduced with 100% accuracy, exactly to the size and position specified by the client.
  • The client was pleased with the neatness and cleanness of the recreated graphs.
  • The project was delivered within the promised timeframe of 48 hours.

Note: References available on request