Artwork Abode Helps U.S. Based Firm to Design Print-Ready Artworks Using PrintShopMail and PlanetPress

Client Profile:

Based in Arizona, USA, the client had an experience of 16 years in the Design industry, and offered services in Design & Printing, and conversion of Corel Draw files to Adobe Illustrator files.

Client’s Requirements:

The client was looking for a partner who could use PrintShopMail and PlanetPress to design print-ready artworks for them, which is a rare combination of skillset that no other vendor could convenience the client to deliver this unique project. Our team’s ability to understand the client’s requirement in one session and the competitive pricing offered by Artwork Abode attracted the client’s attention.

Challenges faced by Artwork Abode:

While working on this project, the team at Artwork Abode faced the following challenge:

  • The client wanted a partner who could design print-ready artworks for them using PrintShopMail and PlanetPress. Since our team had not used PrintShopMail and PlanetPress before, it was a challenge for Artwork Abode to train the team within a short period of time to meet the client's requirements.

Solution Provided by Artwork Abode:

To overcome the challenges faced by the team at Artwork Abode, we took the following steps:

  • The team at Artwork Abode was trained to use PrintShopMail and PlanetPress to meet the client's unique requirement. The duration of the training was one week, during which the team was trained to use the software using online and offline training schedules.
  • One full-time resource was exclusively assigned to this project.


  • Swift delivery of the project – The team at Artwork Abode was given access to the client’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) that helped them to deliver the project within a short period of time. This proved to be a big advantage for the client as they could upload the files on the VPN for our resources to work on at the end of their day and receive the finished product within 24 hours. It was possible because the client was located in USA, while our team was located in India. Thus, when a file was uploaded on the client’s VPN, our team was able to receive it immediately and start designing print-ready artworks for the client using PrintShopMail and PlanetPress. This also helped the client in reducing their overall cost.
  • Delivering error-free files to the client – We had a dedicated team who was able to understand the client’s unique requirement and delivered error-free files within a short period of time. The superior quality of the service provided by our team impressed the client.

Note: References available on request