A Truckside Advertising Company, through effectively designed Mock-up Ads, helping Clients to Promote Brands over the Distance

The Client

The client is a leading truckside and digital advertising company that creates innovative, attractive, and highly effective eye-catchy media solutions for a mixed-stream of businesses.

The Situation:

The client, when founded in 2003, partnered with few truck companies to wrap advertising campaigns over the trucksides to help businesses to advertise their products. They took few initiatives in the recent years to tap other business segments, and in response to the growing demand, the client was seeking a best vendor, who could support their back-end design team and furnish well-designed and lucrative Mock-up advertisements (Mock-up Ads) in all size dimensions. We were consulted as this was the client’s major challenge.


The challenges we faced during the course of action were:

  • Sourcing and deploying a team of skilled artists experienced in Ad Graphic Design
  • Developing strong product concepts based on mock-up advertisements that not only conveys messages but also carries the brand over the distance
  • Creating long-lasting backgrounds with right combination of colors, designs and creative content
  • Assuring round-the-clock service and project delivery within a short turn-around-time

The Solution

We arrived at a solution after a brainstorming session with management and subject matter experts. We carefully evaluated the client’s challenges and delivered our solutions with the following aspects:

  • Hired a project manager to handle the client’s projects, and to monitor the team of 7 graphic designers and 3 art workers
  • Collected all the advertising campaigns (in which the client deals) with required content and logo design, color, size and background specifications, selling proposition, and branding style
  • Conducted a strategic study on competitors’ advertising campaign strategies
  • Procured additional Adobe Creative Suit licenses to conduct in-house experiments before project delivery

The Result

We benefited the client in many ways that include:

  • With the proven effectiveness, a well-thought design and clarity of message, the end-users were able to achieve broad advertisement reach.
  • Improved customer satisfaction resulting into increased sales for the client.
  • The client was able to duplicate their success and venture their services to other business verticals.

Note: References available on request