Healthcare Service Provider in Europe Gets Lifelike 3D Illustrations in 2 Days to Model Anatomical Parts

The Client

An online healthcare center based in Norway, Northern Europe is revolutionizing the world of traditional medicine, by reaching out to clinics, health centers, practicing therapists, and personal trainers to provide alternative medicine such as laser, muscle and physical therapy through illustrated manuals and videos based on 3D illustrations, models and simulations.


  • The client required 3D illustrations of human anatomical parts for its training programs on ‘building muscles and strength’ and “powering” your inner organs. Both these programs were online training programs aimed at tracking health levels, human energy and power.
  • The human body muscles were to be applied in 3D without movement.
  • The client needed these illustrations in 2 working days.

The Challenges

  • The turnaround time of 2 days.
  • The colors were to be natural so as to mimic the natural human body part.
  • The colors were to match the Caucasian, Asian, and African skin tones.
  • The images were to show attention to detail with multiple layering effects.
  • These anatomical illustrations were to be resizable as per the client’s needs whether for print or online.

The Solution

  • One Senior Graphic Designer specialized in illustration was dedicated along with a small team of 3D designers to work on this project.
  • After a brief discussion, sketches of the human body muscles were drawn by the 3D artistes on Illustrator
  • After the client approved the illustrations, cutting edge technology like Maya and 3DX Max were used to apply 3D effects to the sketch through the method of ‘rendering’
  • The images were exported as JPEG files to the client.

The Result

The client was happy with the output because the texture of the model designed and the color scheme used, gave the illustration a natural look and feel way beyond the client’s expectations. The client has now outsourced 12 internal organs and 12 muscles for more illustrations to our 3D illustration team.

Note: References available on request