A Layout Design Company Increases its Sales by 60% and Gains Market Share by 15%

The Client

The client is the layout designing company that gives layout designing plans for annual and business reports, master plans, accounting tables, research publications, etc. It works majorly on the Swedish Municipalities’ Annual Reports.


The client undertakes the projects for making alternations in the existing artwork as per the end users’ specifications, and providing completely a new design and layout plans for a new set of requirements. Though the client is a well-established player in the layout designing industry, it was unable to collect the correct details and instructions from the end-users of its services to be carried-out. As this was the major issue, the client approached us to find the right solution.

The Challenges:

The Challenges that We Did Face during the Course of Action Were:

  • Assigning this task to the special team of experts who can handle this issue tactfully
  • Investigating the exact client’s problems thoroughly in support of its previous work history and deliveries
  • Analyzing all the five types of visual signposts: artwork, headings, paraphrasing, character emphasis and explicit navigation elements, and understanding where the client is lacking
  • Extending round-the-clock coverage for timely completion, consistent, and error-free project delivery
  • Using advanced tools and software for layout designing assignments as required

The Solution

After a careful scrutiny of the client’s real business problem, we drafted a stunning solution in consideration with the following elements.

  • A team of 5 experienced designers was formed and assigned each of the verticals in which the client works.
  • It was decided to use the latest software for each of the designs such as Abode InDesign, QuarkXPress, Serif PagePlus software for annual reports and so on for others.
  • It was planned to examine all the input formats by which the client asks end users to provide necessary details and instructions.
  • The client was asked to give a detailed nature of businesses of its end-users so we can analyze their needs.
  • It was decided to design a new template, thereby enabling end-users to feed the correct information with correct instructions.

The Result

The client was delighted by our ultimate business solutions, and was:

  • Able to increase its business inquires by 200%, sales by 60%, and market share by 15% more than the earlier case
  • Able to bridge the input and output gaps among all its end-users
  • Able to improve its productivity ratio by 100%
  • Able to enjoy additional business from other associates
  • Able to offer a full set of comprehensive layout designing services at par with industry and international standards.

Note: References available on request