Global Investment Management Company Cut 50% Operations Cost with Improved Quality Levels and Productivity

The Client

The client is a global investment manager providing wide spectrum of allied services in the areas of asset portfolio management, and investments. It operates in 27+ countries, and is associated with 340 investment managers.


The client, in order to formulate its action plans for global investment centers and to define its internal operations, had used financial reports ranging from fact sheets to market strategy reports extensively. The client was in search of the best DTP outsourcing partner by which it can reduce the operation cost redundantly, and can improve its quality of Desktop Publishing. The outputs were required to be submitted in the form of newsletters, fact sheets, Power Point Presentations, and Portable Document Files.


The Challenges That We Faced During The Course Of The Project Were:

  • Inputting all the source files from raw formats such as MS World or MS Excel
  • Resolving the issues related to formatting, colors and typography as per client’s specifications
  • Assigning 4 designers and 1 supervisor - working as FTE (Full-time Equivalent)
  • Extending round-the-clock coverage for timely completion and project delivery
  • Using latest software with high-end infrastructure facility

The Solution

After a careful analysis of the client’s problem, we did find the final solution comprising of the following elements.

  • Decided to work with dedicated workstations by deploying a team of 5 experienced DTP professionals and graphic designers
  • One supervisor was appointed to handle the team and the client’s queries
  • Planned to use the latest Adobe® DTP technologies so that the client’s specifications can be met
  • All the source files were analyzed to draft the client’s DTP needs

The Result

The client was benefited drastically by our outputs wherein it was:

  • Able to cut its operation costs by 50% consistently for the next subsequent years
  • Exposed to the advanced and upgraded technologies resulted by partnering with us
  • Able to improve its efficiency levels and productivity
  • Able to streamline its operations effectively with workforce available 24/7
  • Able to delivery top-notch services to its end-users

Note: References available on request