Leading Investment Company Cut Its DTP Cost by 48% by Partnering with Single Vendor with End-to-end DTP Solutions

The Client

The client is a leading investment company headquartered at Ireland, which also has diverse set of business across European cities.


The client was seeking an alternate solution for outsourcing its artworks and DTP solutions to one vendor instead of working with many vendors as working with them not only leads to improper work, but also deteriorates the quality of the finished design. Working with the best outsourcing partner who can provide single branded artworks templates was the basic requirement of the client so that it can communicate, and prepare corporate presentations to its stakeholders effectively.


Designing single branded artworks and DTP templates that can be used for multifaceted tasks at one window was the challenge ahead of us.

The Solution

After a careful evaluation of the client’s problem, we found a suitable solution for the client in consideration with the following aspects.

  • The client was offered a free trial to make it understand how practical and scalable we are to its requirements.
  • A team of experienced DTP professionals who can fit on working the client’s projects was formed, and in-house training was conducted for them by the client.
  • The team analyzed all requirements of the client related to its routines, frequent communications, and regular transactions with the stakeholders for designing single branded artworks and DTP templates.

The Result

The client was:

  • In a position to impact its business being the beneficiary of our real-time services
  • Able to find unique solution for all artworks and DTP requirements from the single service provider (Multi-vendors, the earlier case) resulting into reduced operating costs by 48%
  • Able to gain the confidence of its stakeholders and investors by effective means of communication and presentation of periodic financial reports

Note: References available on request