How to Provide Creative Brief

The old phrase ‘time is money’ is more evident in today’s fast-passed world than ever before. Anything a business owner can do to make every client meeting as productive as possible from the first encounter means less time with follow up questions and meetings.

To aid businesses large and small, Artwork Adobe has created a creative briefing template. Following the entries by providing as much information as possible on all applicable fields will greatly reduce back and forth questions and wasted time waiting for a response. By avoiding briefing mistakes from the start, the client greatly reduces the risk of misinterpretation of the final product that could result in several lost days while corrections are made to the order.

Important Brief Stages

Following the steps in the attached template will help reduce questions and speed up the production process.

Artwork Adobe goes to work on developing a plan for each project as soon as we receive an email or other query from a potential client.

Artwork Adobe designed the creative briefing template to help clients organize thoughts and gather content for potential job orders.


Determine what your budget is for products prior to contacting a design firm. While you may not know the going rates for different types of promotional projects, having an idea how much you have to spend is critical to determining the scope of the products.


Outline the project overview to help Artwork Adobe consultants understand what you are trying to accomplish with the product so we can recommend the best direction for your objective.


Goals are also important in any business endeavor. Know what you want to achieve when filling out the creative briefing template puts you on a track to success.


Defining the audience for the product or product is a step that is often overlooked but is probably the most important one in the planning process. If your product is going to be successful it must appeal to the correct potential clients. Saying everyone is your audience is too broad. Using our template to narrow down specifics will greatly increase success and speed up the development process.


Determine what type of product(s) you desire. From writing the copy, designing the banner, brochure, advertisement or any other promotional product, provide specific details of how many final copies you want, how big the banner or any other particulars necessary for our consultants to produce exactly what you envision.

Another important component of the creative briefing template involves the type of message you would like conveyed in the product(s). The tone you want the message written in ties back to your audience. Humor or serious, simple or technical, all make a difference for a successful marketing campaign.

Provide a timeline you would like the final product delivered. Even if you are not working on a deadline, leaving this open ended could cause your project to languish.

Download our template from here. Fill it out with the most information you can and attach the document in our ‘Contact Us’ form. Artwork Adobe will be in touch with your within one business day.

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