Designing Process Flow at Artwork Abode

The design process can be a mystery to many with little to no experience dealing with product design firms. Knowing where to start, what to provide and how to organize your thoughts and ideas will help firms like Artwork Adobe to deliver what you want when you want it.

In The Beginning

The initial contact we have with potential clients is typically through email. A query is sent to our “Contact Us” link outlining the proposed job details. After both parties agree to terms, you forward supporting materials to us for use in the final product. These files are often Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other popular formats. If the files are larger than 2 MB each, we ask that they be uploaded to our FTP site that we can provide to you upon request. Big files can be difficult to transmit and can slow down the system.

Once in receipt of the content, our design team analyzes the materials sent and if needed, will ask for additional files or clarification. This stage of the workflow is critical. Send us as much information and details as you can. The less back and forth we have to gather data is time spent away from the design process.

If you have unique photographs or illustrations you own the rights to and would like to use, forward those. But keep in mind that if the final product is printed on a press, the images must be of high-quality (300 DPI) or they will print poorly. You can check to see the resolution using an image editing program like Photoshop. We ask that images be at least 300 DPI.


With as much information in hand as possible, Artwork Adobe begins designing the product (s). We take into account all relevant material received and any conversations held with your staff concerning the intended use of the product before starting the layout.


Once the initial design is finished, our quality control team checks the files using our Brand Guidelines file (available here). The team compares the design product to the colors, illustrations, graphs, text and any other materials you sent to us in the early steps of the design process. We also proofread the file, checking for spelling or other errors.

If discrepancies are found, the file is sent back to the designer with comments for correction. Once any corrections are made, the QC team does another check.


The file is finalized and saved as an Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF is sent to you either through email or uploaded to an FTP site. You review the document, checking the content for accuracy or for any changes needed in text. Please also consider the overall look and feel of the product. Hopefully, good early communication occurred and the product is as you envisioned it.

Any corrections to text or images are then sent back to Artwork Adobe. Once those are made, the file is send back to QC for another check.

Upon passing QC, the files are again finalized and sent to you to close the loop. To avoid several back and forth exchanges in this stage, please try to send any and all changes in one group so they can be made in one session.

Artwork Adobe stands ready to produce high-quality products that will help you achieve business success.

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