5 Creative Tips for Better Branding

Public relations specialists and advertisers know the importance of creating a brand for each company or product. Businesses, small and large, should also embrace the concept and develop a strategy using creative tips for successful branding of their name and products.

Some of the best overall practices followed by successful businesses encourage you to follow these branding tips.

  • Know your audience
  • Set goals that address your identified audience
  • Develop objectives that are clear and easy to accomplish
  • Communicate brand strategies with your entire organization to ensure everyone is delivering the same message
  • Get consumer buy in and include your audience in campaigns, social media posts and other advertising endeavors

Artwork Adobe stands ready to help your business develop successful branding products and campaigns, either using current marketing products or new ones developed by our team. Using our creative tips for branding is one positive path for executing your goals.

1) Choose Universal Theme

Picking a theme is vital to creating a branding program. This first step should be carefully considered and vetted through leadership before settling on the final concept. Using a universal theme throughout all products, logos, social media and video is the key to developing a branding profile people will remember.

Take Nike as an example. The single white swoosh logo is universally recognized. The company’s advertisements, webpages and promotional materials have always centered on achieving personal goals.

2) Choose Appropriate Colors

Picking colors to represent your business is also not something to be taken lightly. One creative tip is to use complementary colors that in some way represent your product or business. Many environmental and landscape companies use green as a primary color. Blues are calming, reds and yellows tend to convey excitement and passion and browns relay credibility and security.

If you intend to use any of the colors as tints, be careful of reds. When scaled back to 25 percent, reds tend to print as pinks. Metallic colors like silver and gold are hard to reproduce and can cost more.

3) Choose Appropriate Mascot

Some companies use animals as part of a marketing theme. Picking the right mascot is tricky. A creative tip is to use an animal to symbolize certain traits. For example, lions are loyal, jaguars fast and sleek and elephants smart and strong. The marketing strategy of using animals as part of an advertising theme means an inherent, universal symbol is already present, helping consumers link that trait to your company.

The choice of mascot relates directly back to your theme so pick a mascot that works well in that framework. If you have created a light, fun atmosphere, pick an animal that people can associate with that mood.

4) Choose Appropriate Fonts for your business

Fonts, or typefaces, number in the thousands. And like colors and animals, each font conveys a mood. Our creative tips for picking the best font to represent your business follow those same basic strategies. Look at the different fonts shipped with your word processing program. Some seem hard, others soft, some comical while others are formal. Use a font that dovetails with your theme for a successful branding approach.

5) Choose Appropriate Styles that suits your business

Styles used in marketing campaigns must complement the theme, fonts, colors and animals you have chosen. This term refers to the look and feel of products, whether they are print, on line or video. Determine if the mood is formal or light to ensure everything is coordinated.

Following these creative tips is the roadway to success and Artwork Adobe can help you get there.

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